Who We Are

About Us

Lacuna (n.) a blank space.

A concept designed to be filled with purpose.

Exclusive to the energy and resources sector, Lacuna Search partners with business leaders to deliver quality hires to their organisation. 

We combine our extensive industry knowledge and global search capabilities to provide more than just transactional placements.

At Lacuna we approach each search as a blank space as no two companies or role requirements are the same. This thinking encourages us to remove our blinkers and consider alternative solutions in an industry where companies and resource trends are constantly evolving.

We developed our ALIGN search method to support us in how we operate. It is an intelligent process that allows us to apply a rigorous framework we can trust with the flexibility and agility to tailor our approach for each campaign.

Combining our unique and highly personalised approach, Lacuna Search is strongly positioned to serve the growing demand for finding the right talent fit for organisations.

Our Purpose

To contribute to creating a better working world. A world where companies and staff alike thrive on organisational alignment, to achieve success that everyone shares in.

Our Mission

To create exceptional alignment between the companies and people we work with. We will achieve this by continuing to strive towards the highest standards of dedication, quality and building genuine relationships. 

Our Values

We are committed to achieving our mission and fulfilling our purpose by staying true to our values. They are the imperatives that guide our Lacuna approach and company culture.


We are inspired to always keep learning, to explore all possibilities and gain fulfillment by seeing progress in pursuit of a clever solution.


Our knowledge and experience are significant, however our passion is what sets us apart. We are genuinely interested in learning about you as a person or business and championing who you are.


We are fiercely committed to delivering the best results. For Lacuna it is about never giving up. It is about always being prepared to do things differently, to explore new avenues and pathways. If it does not work the first time, we pivot, evolve and refine until we achieve the best result.

Our Team

At Lacuna Search, we know that great things in business are never done by a single person alone, so we choose to work in a collaborative, team-based environment. This provides us with the knowledge, experience, skills and combined passion to deliver a truly best-practice search experience.

We are a skilful, high-performing and creative team, who always strive to provide top quality results for the people we work with.

Our dedicated and expert research team support every Lacuna Search campaign by delivering market insights and competitor intelligence, providing us with an edge that helps us achieve the best results.

With a team ethos built on excellence, innovation and a tenacious spirit, we are committed to driving our industry forward. We embrace the cyclical nature of our sector and aim to keep building the foundations for success, long into the future.

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