The Lacuna Difference

Our commitment and passion towards creating exceptional alignment is what differentiates us.

We are driven by our vision of a world where businesses thrive on organisational alignment. Where company strategy, processes, technology and individual teams rally toward a common purpose, to achieve success that everyone shares in.

Quite simply, organisational alignment means that employees understand how their specific skills and goals connect to the strategic objectives and broader organisational identity. When employees feel more connected, it instils more ownership over their roles, responsibilities and the overall success of the company.

In the context of the energy and resources industry, companies are in a constant state of flux and trends change like the tide. Achieving alignment is an ongoing process and is often politically charged, time-consuming and costly.

However, when achieved, alignment brings abundance to an organisation. 

It brings calmness, an elemental freedom, a clear vision that enables the business and its employees to expand their sights as greater opportunities become available. It brings agility, energy, commitment and enhanced performance, which ultimately makes people happier—both at work and in their broader lives. When a business achieves alignment, you can feel it when you walk through the door; the culture has a buzz. You are working in an environment that’s proactive, inclusive and energetic. One that fosters accountability and trust.

Whilst an organisation’s role is to maintain employee alignment, ensure smooth sailing and promote a positive work environment, we also play a vital part. At Lacuna Search, we are empowered by taking responsibility for the first level of organisational alignment.

Our role is to find and attract quality hires. More importantly, to guarantee that the skills, values and behaviours of each new hire into an organisation are exceptionally aligned to the role, strategy, culture and vision of that company. To ensure each candidate understands their unique purpose, giving them the best chance to play their part in business-transforming results.

It is through this exceptional alignment and clarity of a shared vision, that business leaders and staff alike are inspired to lead more fulfilling lives.

When an organisation is truly aligned it can achieve amazing things.