How We Work

Our ALIGN Method

Our business model is based on our passion towards the value that a high-quality search delivers to our clients and candidates.
It is designed to enhance your company reputation, pivot your hiring pressures from frustration to enjoyment, streamline your recruitment process, guide you through its complexities and work with you collaboratively to deliver a successful hiring outcome.

The future of your business is largely dependent on your hiring practices. At Lacuna Search, we know what is required to achieve outstanding results. 

We approach each search with our blank space concept and apply our ALIGN method. It is a proven five-step process that results in a strategic alignment between our clients and candidates. It involves detailed evaluations of job performance profiling, competency assessment, sophisticated research for candidate identification, in-depth screening, marketing, tailored interview techniques, as well as personality and motivational assessment. We encourage you to contact us to arrange a meeting so we can guide you through our steps to further understand how our method is different and how it will benefit you.

We revel in seeing our placed candidates fully engaged and performing. We earn this by treating every candidate in our recruitment process with respect and work hard to understand who they are as individuals so that their goals are aligned to the opportunity. We ensure every candidate understands upfront their role within the organisation, where their accountability lies, the team culture and how they contribute to the company vision. We know when we do this that engagement, performance and people’s happiness invariably follow.

Quality recruitment takes time, a well-planned strategy like ours and unwavering commitment. If you can’t undertake the search yourself—whether it’s because you lack the time or accept that you possibly do not have the skill set required to hire the absolute best—then trust Lacuna Search.  We love what we do, and we do it well.

A genuine partnership on every role

We work on a Retained basis. There are many reasons why we do this and they are all in our client’s best interests, particularly when it comes to reducing the risk of a bad hire and preserving their reputation.

Our overriding goal is to provide business leaders with confidence they are receiving the best possible candidate, in the best possible way. We have all been in the candidate’s shoes. What are the chances you will take an opportunity seriously if you are approached by three agents scratching the surface with knowledge about a position over one search firm that can passionately paint an entire picture and understanding?

The genuine partnerships we create on every role are the drawcards for high performing talent.

While we have very high standards when it comes to meeting client deadlines, we do not compromise on quality. Our approach invites us to truly invest in our client’s success. It allows us the time to exhaust every avenue in the market to identify top performers and take the required measures to properly align them to the opportunity available.

Access to the hidden market

Finding top performers who are aligned to your business is achieved by targeting the best talent—not only those actively looking.

70% of the global workforce are considered passive or hidden candidates. Ignoring this group not only diminishes your talent pool but also cancels out the chances of securing high-quality hires. By recognising this, our primary source of candidate identification is through a targeted, headhunted approach. Despite our strong existing network, we continuously build meaningful relationships with employed candidates who are considered passive. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the market and the ability to provide our clients with this insight.

Improved Brand Positioning

When it comes to attracting and securing the right people for your business we play a valuable role as your brand ambassador. We work to understand your culture and employment value proposition implicitly. We then leverage our marketing abilities to tell a true and compelling story to the market. Through our research we know that providing realistic expectations about an opportunity leads to higher offer acceptance rates—and ultimately a long-term, valuable fit.

Not only does our ALIGN method save you time from getting drawn into unnecessary parts of the recruitment process, it instils confidence in candidates applying. It demonstrates you are a business leader in control of your growth plans and that you value your people strategy.

Complete Confidentiality ​

We uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and promise complete confidentiality in everything we do. This can be very important when the need arises to strategically think ahead of certain appointments or maintain confidentiality for passive candidates.

We search beyond the established and old boy networks

We focus on diversity and progressive methods to deliver dynamic talent and innovative leaders, giving your company a sustainable and competitive edge. In an evolving industry we keep our finger on the pulse by staying ahead of sector trends and taking a proactive approach to growing our Lacuna network.

We focus on the metrics that count

These metrics offer a greater level of insight into the success of our talent acquisition strategies and their long-term outcomes. We do not just simply focus on placement numbers. We understand that hiring is a core business competency, not a one-time task. The way in which you go about identifying, attracting, hiring and measuring the success of new talent helps to future-proof your organisation.

Placement Success Rate

We fill 100% of retained assignments

Retention Rate

We have a 96% retention rate for the first two years of candidate employment

Offer Acceptance Rate

99% of the time our candidates accept our first offers of employment

Creating Exceptional Alignment

Our post-placement engagement survey demonstrates that we enjoy 100% success in aligning our candidates to the right career opportunity and our clients to the right hire.

We set the bar high

The vast majority of all business problems are hiring problems in disguise. Causes can stem from unstructured or unplanned hiring processes. Many simply relying on advertising or referrals and failing to qualify candidates rigorously. We passionately believe in the value of investing time up front by partnering with experts to properly recruit the right talent fit. Alternatively, you can spend it on the back end in the form of micromanagement, inefficiencies, decreased employee engagement, retention problems and increased cost.

When you partner with Lacuna Search, we don’t allow that to happen. Our team believes in the value that our search method brings and places a very high standard on our service.

Global candidate reach

When it comes to candidate identification and networks we are not restricted by geography.

Many of our clients have complex needs or objectives that require a global candidate reach. Whether it is finding a niche skill set, navigating challenges in attracting candidates for roles in certain locations or overcoming the complexities involved in improving focus on driving diversity of thought, ethnicity, gender or experience. Our clients come to us to solve these unique challenges as our network allows us to look beyond the local market and expand your options. 

The processes and strategies we have in place ensure our global reach is targeted, sophisticated and finds you the right candidate who can deliver the value your organisation is looking for.

A structured and planned hiring process which considers the candidate experience will position your business for long term success.